I did it!

Kenny finished up his own story (you can read it on his blog) and put it on facebook last night, which meant I needed to works up the guts to post my story as well (which is an extended version of my previous post on this blog). So it’s done, I’m “out” as a “retired mormon”. Generally, there’s been a lot of support from non-members and mostly silence from members, though a few individual TBMs have reached out too. I can’t express how much the support means to me- I’ve agonized so much over how to be authentic yet not in-your face.

Two more things:

We watched the film Kumaré (available streaming on netflix) the other night, a documentary about a young man who decides to fake being a religious guru. I expected it to be much harsher, but it ended up being a very positive, thought-provoking film. I highly recommend it.

In other news, last weekend my family went to a “former Mormons and former Jehovah’s Witnesses” get together. It was a blast- a great group of people and a lot of good insight. I am grateful that my “deconversion” process did not involve being shunned by family, and that my spouse has been on the same wavelength every step of the way- I think we realized how lucky we have been.

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