Delightful discovery, and the modesty debate

There have been many conversations on the bloggernacle about modesty lately, and I’ve been heavily involved in many of them, and it all became worth it with the discovery of this link:

The LDS Skinny-Dipper Connection and the connected forum.

(I’m not saying I’m getting involved, but the fact it exists makes me giggle).

On a more serious note, I’ll also say I highly enjoyed this post by an LDS artist about the naked body.

As for my own opinion on the subject: modesty has nothing to do with what body parts are being shown. It has to do with respecting ourselves and those around us, and being aware of what message we send to others with how we present ourselves. Bare shoulders are not immodest. The naked body is not inherently evil or sexual. Treating it as “forbidden fruit” does no one any favors.  But in most of western culture, wearing daisy dukes and a halter top sends a certain message to the world about how I want to be viewed and what is important to me. By teaching modesty as having to do with how much skin we can show, we are actually making that skin (shoulders, for instance) more sexual and telling men and boys that such things have the power to arouse them. It’s nonsense.

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